Chris Rox, born in 1982, is the classic example of how a young boy makes his dj dream become reality. From a very early age Chris knew that he was meant to live for spinning records, pumping beats into the clubs and making crowds go wild all night long. Being a sixteen-year old boy, he started buying his first vinyl records and started spinning at small parties in his neighborhood.

In 2000 Chris Rox grabbed the opportunity of a lifetime when he was asked to play in the Beach Mountain Club in Val Thorens, France. Within no time he was offered a full winter residency and he ended up playing there for three years. Six months a year, seven days a week he made the crowd go wild in the France Alps. Inviting big Dutch names like Erick E, Roog, Michel de Hey, Ronald Molendijk, Benny Rodrigues and many more to spin regularly with him. The summers he spent playing parties in Mallorca, Portugal, France and off course in the Netherlands.

The big turnaround came in 2003. At the end of a long winter he was asked to become a Friday night resident in The Thalia Lounge in Rotterdam. Soon after he also became the Saturday night resident. Next to that he took on the role of programmer, being responsible for the overall musical path of the Thalia Lounge. In three years time the club grew to a highly respected status within the Rotterdam scene. At the same time Chris’s national dj career really took off, playing clubs and parties all around the country.

In the summer of 2006 Chris left his position at the Thalia Lounge to focus more on his dj career outside of this club and to have more time available to make one of his other dreams become reality; building up his own studio and start producing his own music. From this point on Chris experienced a stormy development and his dj career rose to higher grounds playing Holland’s main clubs (like Escape, Powerzone, Now&Wow, Off_Corso and many more) on a regular basis introducing his typical Rox-sound to the Dutch crowd. The sound which can be best described as a distinct mixture of (deep)house, house, groove and tech-house. Banging, uplifting and always groovy.

Next to being a dj, Chris Rox is also known as a highly respected party organizer. Together with good old 2 O’Clock Ron he is responsible for the huge success of monthly concepts like Latin Lovers and Know Your Classics in the Thalia Lounge in Rotterdam. Next to that Chris is also the organizer of The Footclub (Val Thorens, France & Netherlands since May 2007)

To really top things off Chris Rox was asked to play a very well received set as warm-up dj for no other than Erick Morillo in November 2006 and Roger Sanchez in December 2006. All of this is only the beginning, because there is much more to come. So watch out for even more sparks in 2009 as Chris Rox continues his national and international House Revolution!

Chris Rox